About me

Hello, my name is Kevin Barbier aka Tsukimori

I am a freelance graphic designer in Belfort (France) and I work in different fields such as visual communication, illustration, print and 3D (Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality). I graduated from the MJM Graphic Design at Strasbourg in Graphic Design where I was able to discover all the set of graphic means to give life to projects.


Discover my professional works from logo design to 3D modeling and printing projects (business cards, posters, etc.)


My virtual sketchbook! I publish all my personal projects / my R&D like photographs, typography, illustrations and 3D conception.


Thanks to my blog, I write articles about design, news about new technologies such as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, ways to learn languages like Korean and Japanese, as well as the sharing of artists works that I appreciate.


Feel free to contact me thanks to this contact form if you have any questions!
Whether for simple information, a request for collaboration, comissions! If you have projects around Asia (Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, etc.) don’t hesitate to let me know!

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